Expertise In Challenge

Gateway Composites provides deep expertise in the challenges specific to a broad range of industry environments.

Blome Authorized Distributor

Pulp and

Delivering acid-resistant mortars for tile and brick installation, trowel-applied polymer linings, sprayable tank lining systems, acid-resistant gunites and crack-bridging secondary containment systems.


Specializing in ESD and conductive systems accompanied by the latest resin and filler technologies for the highest level of consumable product and delivery system safety with exceptional performance, durability, hygiene and chemical resistance.


Supplying high-performance linings for FGD absorbers, support tanks, chimneys, ductwork, coal-handling systems, dewatering, and wastewater treatment systems.

Chemical Processing

Providing engineered acid brick process vessel linings, trowel-applied glass flake linings, sprayable tank lining systems and flexible crack-bridging systems for the most aggressive, corrosive primary and secondary containment environments.


Providing high-performance linings created to withstand hydrogen sulfide and MIC, as well as abrasion and wear in wet wells, grit chambers, clarifiers, manhole risers, lift stations, chimneys and ductwork.

Food &

USDA & CFIA compliant systems that meet requirements for safety, durability, sanitation, hygiene and aesthetics with hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant and antimicrobial linings for floors, walls, CIP/COP areas, storage tanks, feed tanks and secondary containment systems

Metals &

Supplying linings for SX/EW cell houses, leach tanks, acid plants, sumps, trenches and other secondary containment, chimneys, ductwork, ore-handling and wastewater treatment systems.

Hydrocarbon Processing

Supplying high-performance tank and duct linings for crude oil storage tanks, process ductwork and gunite stacks, sulfur pits, secondary containment and SRU vessels in both upstream and downstream markets.

High Performance Polymer Solutions

Gateway Composites provides an extensive range of high-performance polymer solutions

Anchored Concrete Protective Liner

Anchored Concrete Protective Liners

Engineered thermoplastic sheets with unique v-shaped studs that provide secure anchoring to concrete.

Composite Strengthening

Composite Strengthening

Increase strength, reinforcement and load-bearing capacity to extremely degraded vessels.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection

Chemical-resistant products that provide the toughest protection against acids, concentrations, high temperatures and abrasion.

Flooring & Walls

Flooring & Walls

FDA-approved cementitious-urethane floor and wall systems with antimicrobial technology provide the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Industrial Ceramics

Industrial Ceramics

Vitrified and fully vitrified ceramic tiles that provide chemical resistance, minimal permeation, abrasion resistance and thermal protection.
Maintenance Coatings

Maintenance Coatings

Industrial maintenance coatings formulated to increase the lifespan of your outdoor equipment and structures.
Primers, Sealants & Membranes

Primers, Sealants & Membranes

Complementary products that complete the coating and lining sets. Available in unique formulations.

Secondary Containment Solutions

Secondary Containment

An impenetrable barrier to protect against concentrated acids, alkalis, salts, solvents and many other aggressive chemicals.

Tank Linings & Primary Containment

Tank Linings & Primary Containment

Chemical resistance, minimal permeation, abrasion resistance and thermal protection for tank interiors and exteriors.

Wear Resistant Solutions

Wear-Resistant Coatings

Wear- and abrasion-resistant tiles, epoxys and vinyl esters that protect against the harshest environments.