Corrosion Protection

The dangers of corrosion can be devastating:

  • Safety hazard to employees and customers
  • Unexpected downtime and delays in production
  • Reduced value and life expectancy of equipment and facilities
  • Perforations in vessels causing leaks, spills and blockages

At Blome International, we are proud of our proven polymer technology solutions that hold up against the toughest corrosion and abrasion. We’ve developed a diverse array of coatings to protect all types of substrates from their unique, corrosive environments. We offer formulations made of epoxies, novolac epoxies, vinyl esters, polyurethanes, furans and silicate technologies. Our technical experts have been helping companies like you determine the best-fitting solution for decades.

Typical applications of Blome corrosion-resistant coatings and linings:

  • Tanks and chests made of steel, concrete, tile and FRP
  • Secondary containment vessels
  • Chimneys, stacks and ductwork
  • Flooring and walls
  • Trenches and sumps
  • Steel structures and piping

You can trust Blome products for long-lasting protection, matched with the expertise and guidance you need for successful application.

Tank Coating
tank coating

Corrosion Protection Products


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