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Secondary Containment

Blome’s secondary containment lining systems create an impenetrable barrier to protect against concentrated acids, alkalis, salts, solvents and many other aggressive chemicals. Our linings can be used in conjunction with various elastomeric, crack-bridging coatings, as well as membrane systems to provide full containment of your most aggressive chemicals.

We have proven combinations of polymer systems that are successful with crack bridging and are chemically resistant as well. Combining various polymers such as epoxy, novolac epoxy, vinyl esters and other flexible, elastomeric polymers with reinforcing materials such as geotextiles, fiberglass, and carbon fiber fabrics creates a system that will meet the demands of your containment.

Our engineered systems are highly effective for use in concrete secondary containment areas that are prone to cracking due to settling, freezing, thawing and hot chemical spills. These systems are also often used for chemical containment in trench and sump linings.

You can trust Blome products for long-lasting protection, matched with the expertise and guidance you need for successful application.

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