Welcome to Gateway Composites

Gateway Composites, established in 2006, focuses on the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of carbon fibers for commercial applications. Our fabrics, chopped fibers and support products are designed to enable performance exceeding application requirements and pricing strategies that support market growth.

  • Quality- Roll to roll or batch to batch consistency in critical to quality characteristics (CTQs).   In-line process controls confirmed by in-house lab testing. Quality policies that result in consistent performance, cosmetics and handling.
  • Design/Tech Support- Gateway Composites’ products are engineered with the understanding of what is important to the processor and the end user. We can satisfy your needs whether your application is infrastructure, tooling, sporting goods, marine, automotive or industrial. Application specific products can be customized to meet; fiber tensile properties, fiber lengths, fabric area weights, widths and weave constructions.
  • Pricing- Taking advantage of global currencies, the cycles of raw carbon fiber availability and prices, and securing supply contracts at appropriate times, allow us to provide sustainable pricing that encourages market growth for carbon fiber applications.

Markets Served

  • Auto/Transportation
  • Marine
  • Sports/Leisure
  • Infrastructure (Commercial & Residential)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications