Infrastructure Solutions

When it comes to infrastructure solutions, Gateway Composites has what you’re looking for. We have a wide range of products designed to reinforce, rehabilitate and repair commercial and residential structures, including tanks, bridges, parking garages, concrete/masonry buildings, tunnels, precast products, telecommunication towers, basement walls, patio and driveways.

Carbon Fiber Fabrics

We have many standard carbon fiber fabrics designed to meet industry standards, engineering specifications and CTQs (critical to quality) characteristics.  We can also design and construct custom fabrics for specific area weights, weave patterns, pick counts, widths, thickness and identify specific carbon fibers for desired mechanical properties.

The table below identifies some Gateway Composites fabric constructions for commercial and residential infrastructure applications.  Please refer to our master table of fabric constructions for a complete list or contact a product specialist to assist in designing a custom fabric to meet your needs.

12KPW40012KPlain Weave400g/m2 12 oz/yd224, 50100
12KPW56012KPlain Weave560g/m2 16.5 oz/yd25.5, 1250
12KPW61012KPlain Weave610g/m2 18 oz/yd224, 50100
12K2X2TW67012K2x2 Twill670g/m2 20 oz/yd224, 50100
12KPW80012K, 24KPlain Weave800g/m2 24 oz/yd224, 50100
12KUD20012K0¡ Unidirectional200g/m_ 6 oz/yd_12, 24, 50100
12KUD20012K90¡ Unidirectional200g/m_ 6 oz/yd_12, 24, 50100
12KUD30012KUnidirectional300g/m2 9 oz/yd212, 24, 50100
12KUD37012KUnidirectional370g/m2 11 oz/yd212, 24, 50100
12KUD40512KUnidirectional400g/m_ 12 oz/yd_12, 24, 50100
12KUD61012K, 24KUnidirectional610g/m2 18 oz/yd212, 24, 50100
12KUD81012K, 24KUnidirectional810g/m2 24 oz/yd212, 24, 50100

Carbon Fiber Fabric and Resin Systems

We can provide field ready systems and kits that include epoxy resin and precut carbon fabric for efficient application and use in the rapidly growing residential foundation repair market (crack repair and bowed wall reinforcement). Fiberlock™ Systems have 10 plus years of successful history solving crack and bowed wall damage to basement foundations. Fiberlock™ Wall Brace kits provide premeasured epoxy resin, pre-cut carbon fiber fabrics designed to stabilize and strengthen bowing, shifting or displaced walls. Fiberlock™ Crack Repair has been replacing epoxy injection practices with premeasured epoxy resin, pre-cut carbon fiber fabrics designed to seal stabilize and strengthen for a more permanent crack repair.


Carbon Fiber Support Products

We take a “hands on” approach with our customers to stay current on application methods and product performance so we understand any hurdles and respond with appropriate solutions whether that be technique or “support products” to solve technical issues as they present. We also provide composite products (composite rebar, laminate strips and composite stitching dowels) that are lightweight, anti-corrosive and yield high performance mechanical properties for multiple infrastructure applications.