Chopped Carbon Fiber

Gateway Composites provides chopped fibers in multiple product forms to accommodate compounding and wet or dry batch mixing.

Feed-ability – Excellent bundle integrity with high bulk density means consistent feed rates with no nesting or bridging.

Chemical Compatibility – Sizing chemistry that works with the matrix resulting in proper filament dispersion and adhesion.

Product Consistency – Batch to Batch consistency in properties.  In-line process controls confirmed by in-house lab testing.

Application Specific Products – Fiber length, mechanical properties, electrical properties and sizing chemistry options available for the customer’s specific CTQs (critical to quality) characteristics.

Technical Support

Gateway Composites’ products are engineered with the understanding of what is important to the processor and the end user.  We can satisfy your needs whether your application is electrical, mechanical, thermal or friction related.


  • Conductive Plastics – ESD protection, dissipation of electrical charge and thermal control.

      – Electronics (processor, computer, phone), Medical device, Fuel Cells, Anti-stat floor coatings

  • Friction – Increased wear and friction resistance.

      – Brake Pads, Plastic bearings

  • Thermal stability – Minimize heat distortion, improved performance at elevated temperatures

      – High Temp plastics in transportation, aviation markets

  • Mechanical performance – Increased physical properties.

      – Plastic reinforcement, Concrete reinforcement, Resin reinforcement



Physical Form

Chopped Flake, Pellet and Comp3


6mm standard, 3 and 12mm available


Broad Range Thermoplastic, PPO/mPPO specific,

High Temp Thermoplastic, PC specific, Epoxy



Bulk Density

Flake 250-350, Pellet and C3 400-550 (g/l)

Fiber Tensile Properties

Strength 500ksi, 700ksi, 800ksi

Modulus 30msi, 33msi, 42msi

Fiber Resistivity

1.4 x 10-3 ohm cm – 1.6 x 10-3 ohm cm